Britney Spears Pays Tribute To Princess Diana

Britney Spears has been very active on Instagram lately, sharing various selfies, videos of herself dancing in her living room, and random pics that she finds inspiring on the internet. Spears' captions always seem to get the most attention, as fans have taken to questioning everything that the pop star writes, wondering if it's really her. Moreover, fans have found themselves looking for hidden messages or cries for help amid Spears' conservatorship battle, which has lasted more than two years now. Spears' latest post had the same effect.

On May 27, Spears decided to share an Instagram post about Princess Diana, who was killed in a car accident back in 1997. It's unclear what may have prompted Spears to share the photos — and pay tribute to Diana in the caption — but she is making headlines for her post nonetheless. The first photo that Spears shared was taken by Anwar Hussein. Diana can be seen wearing the Lover's Knot Tiara, with her signature blond hair placed perfectly around it. The picture was taken at a banquet that Diana attended with Prince Charles back in 1983. The second photo shared by Spears showed hundreds of people standing in the street. 

Although Spears didn't write about either photo in her caption, she did have a lot to say about the people's princess. Keep reading for more.

Britney Spears' fans were quick to compare her to Princess Diana

In her Instagram caption, Britney Spears praised Princess Diana. "She never wanted to be the queen ... she wanted to be the heart of the people!!!!!!!!" Spears wrote. Based on the comments on the post, many fans seemed to think that Spears was actually referring to herself with this statement. The pop star continued, "She was more than class ... she was sheer genius down to the way she spoke to the way she mothered her children. The essence of being completely oblivious to her own power!!!! 750 MILLION people watched her get married on TV!!!! She will always be remembered as one of the most remarkable women to date!!!!!"

Spears' fans couldn't help but point out similarities between her and Diana, especially in regard to their respective relationships with the paparazzi and the media. Although Spears didn't draw the comparison herself, fans were quick to pick up on a possible hidden message within the caption. "If this ain't a clue I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS," one Instagram user commented. "You have tons of similarities with her life and how the media treated her ! You are also an amazing woman that has influenced millions of people. We love you Britney," another Instagram comment read.