Ricki Lake Gushes Over Married Life With New Husband Ross Burningham

Ricki Lake was dealt a devastating blow in 2017 when her second husband, Christian Evans, tragically died. Fortunately for Lake, she was able to find love again with Ross Burningham, who she wound up marrying. The veteran talk show host announced the couple's engagement to fans in a touching Instagram post in February 2021. "I love him very much and I am so grateful I get to love and be loved so deeply by this stellar human," Lake wrote alongside a selfie with Burningham where they both flashed huge smiles.

Shortly after announcing their engagement, Lake spoke about why the pair were so excited for what the future could bring. "Both of us, newly empty-nesters, we feel as if we are kids again," she told People in February 2021. "We are filled with gratitude and joy for what is to come," Lake added.

Nearly a year after their engagement, Lake and Burningham tied the knot in January. The "Hairspray" star shared snaps from the wedding on Instagram. "We did it! 1/2/22 Ross and I said I DO!" she wrote. The couple decided to keep the event casual, and enlisted the help of their friends to co-officiate the ceremony. "It was truly one of the best days of my life," Lake told People in January. After almost a year of marriage, Lake shared a personal anecdote giving insight into what makes her relationship with Burningham so unique. 

Why Ricki Lake and Ross Burningham feel like kids together

One of the reasons the marriage between Ricki Lake and Ross Burningham has thrived in the early stages is because the couple rediscovered their youth together. "We are in our 50s and we're basically like kids," Lake said on the "Life is Short with Justin Long" podcast on December 20. The "Business of Being Born" filmmaker told a story about reveling in juvenile delight with her husband after they smoked weed. "We were high and we got hungry and we basically took out the Trader Joe's mac and cheese balls," Lake said. She mentioned how the pair were positively giddy over the prospect of late night munchies, and how the act brought back memories of her husband's childhood. "I feel like I'm at a sleepover with my best friend and I'm six years old and I get to have a sleepover with her every single night," Burningham said, according to Lake.

The actor was effusive while describing the early stages of her marriage, and said that the story of late night snacks and hangs was a common theme for their relationship. In fact, their wedding cake said, "Sleepover and cake," as Lake said on the podcast.

In the past, Lake had been open about how she and Burningham were extremely comfortable with one another. "I'm naked with him all the time," Lake told Page Six in April. "I just feel like I can be completely 100 percent myself and he loves me no matter what," she added.